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Welcome to the SSRG ROM Hack Archive!

This page is a collection of ROM hacks that have been made over the years. Currently, we have over 50 in the archive. Have fun surfing!

If you have a hack that I don't, please send it to me! I will credit you for it in any way I can.

If you want to contribute, but don't know how to get started, hacking information is available on the SSRG.

News (7/09/2004) NiktheGreek

Welcome to the reinvention of the SSRG ROM Hack Archive! Take a look around - everything should be easier to navigate than before, and it should be a lot quicker when loading the pages. Also, I've added 7 new hacks: Sonic Gaiden, South Island Adventure, Sonic 2Z, Sonic 2: ME, Sonic 2 Long Version, The Hybridization Project and Project Rebirth. Any existing hacks have been updated to their latest versions.

News (18/09/2003) NiktheGreek

I'm sure you've noticed it's been a long time since I updated, but I can assure you I have perfectly good reasons (and I'm not telling any of them). As for the update, I have added 8 new hacks: sonic in paynt, Sonic Neon, Sonic Neon 2, Sonic 2: The Omega Directive, Sonic 2 Haz, Sonic 2: Advanced Edit, Sonic 2 Delta and Sonic 2 SMTP. I've updated Sonic 4 (formerly Ultima Sonic) and Project Shadow to their latest versions, and I've added a new S2 savestate (Metropolis) and 3 new S1 special stages by Ultimo. If I've missed anyone's work, please send me an email - it's been a long time, y'know, and I don't remember everything. Thanks all!

News (4/03/2003) NiktheGreek

Long time no update, I know. That was mainly due to the fiasco at SSRG, and my lack of time due to exams. However, I'm back with this update! Added the hacks Ultima Sonic, Ashura in Sonic 1, Sonic Athens, Alpha Sonic and Sonic 2: Aluminium Edition. Also, I updated Project Shadow to it's latest version. There's more on the way, just a case of adding it over time.

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