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Sonic 1 (22 hacks) 1991, Mega Drive

The original Sonic the Hedgehog is a strangely neglected game, which despite being very easy to edit (and being smaller, making it easier to finish a hack) is often ignored. Still, there's some good stuff here, including Blue Frenzy's Sonic Neon and Ultima's infamous Sonic 1337.

Graphical Hacks (14 hacks)

These hacks aim to take the game and redecorate it. Sprites, palettes, icons - anything containing only a graphical change will be found here. If you're looking to give your Sonic ROM a fresh lick of paint without touching the gameplay, these are what you should look into.

Gameplay Hacks (8 hacks)

Played Sonic to death and itching for a new challenge? These hacks provide all-new levels for you to play, be they modifications of an existing level or completely new ones. The best bet for those wanting the most interesting hacks, as many have started to include custom art as well as new level layouts.
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