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Before sending a hack, you must understand the following things:

  • Your hack must be good. If I were to accept every hack sent, the archive would become pointless in that people would have to wade through a lot of bad stuff to find the odd gem. I've drawn up some guidelines, and personal discretion will be used if the hack falls just short.
  • To qualify:
    Graphical: all level palettes changed, at least some custom sprites and/or level art.
    Technical: something unique - a musical hack, level porting, etc.
    Gameplay: at least some level palettes changed, and some level design.
  • Exceptions: if a game has few available hacks or little in the way of hacking notes, any hack is accepted.
  • The hack doesn't have to be your own! Send in any hacks you find, but remember to include crediting information!
  • The hack must have a name.

    These measures will ensure that your hack is added. Please don't feel bad if your hack does not make the cut - I used to have a couple here that are no longer listed, because they do not meet the guidelines. If the hack doesn't go in, visit the hacking guides on SSRG, use the tools, and hang around the message board to get some tips. Once the hack has improved, send it again and check out if it's gotten in.

Now that you've read the guidelines, SEND YOUR HACK!

And thank you very much for your contributions. They keep this site alive.

Have fun hacking!

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